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Asian Club Limited is a nonpolitical, nonprofitable, and charitable service club registered in Hong Kong. We are committed to preserving the Club’s Asian character in our products, services, and facilities. While doing so, we also recognize that as an international club in Asia, we are a mosaic of different nationalities and a melting pot of diverse cultures. We care about the needs of our members and try our best to serve them with our ability.

We build and develop friendships between members by organizing cultural shows, business exhibitions, seminars, symposiums, exchange programs, exchanging delegates, etc. We want to promote Business, cultural activities, studies, and research between members by enhancing Asian understanding and goodwill. We dream of arranging language and other professional training courses and standing beside members as a unique support center to cater to their needs. Our services include a Club House, Bar, Restaurant, Gymnasium, Fitness Center, Refreshment Hub, and Safety Locker Service for our members.

The mission of Asian Club Limited Hong Kong is to promote cultural diversity, foster cross-cultural understanding, and celebrate the richness of Asian heritage in Hong Kong. The club aims to create a platform for individuals of all backgrounds to come together, share experiences, and engage in activities that showcase the beauty and diversity of Asian cultures.

The vision of Asian Club Limited Hong Kong is to be a premier social club that serves as a hub for promoting Asian culture, heritage, and traditions in Hong Kong. The club strives to be a catalyst for fostering cultural exchange, bridging communities, and cultivating a sense of belonging and appreciation for the diverse Asian cultures represented in the city.

Responsibilities of a Member

As a member of Asian Club Limited Hong Kong, individuals have certain duties and responsibilities to fulfill. These may include:

1. Active Participation: Members are expected to actively participate in club activities, events, and initiatives. This includes attending meetings, workshops, cultural tours, and other organized events. Active involvement helps create a vibrant and engaging club environment.

2. Respect for Diversity: Members should respect and appreciate the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives of fellow club members. They should foster an inclusive and welcoming environment, treating everyone with respect, empathy, and fairness.

3. Cultural Exchange: Members are encouraged to actively engage in cultural exchange within the club. This involves sharing their own cultural experiences, traditions, and practices while being open to learning about and experiencing the cultures of others. By fostering cultural exchange, members can broaden their understanding and appreciation of Asian cultures.

4. Contribution and Collaboration: Members are encouraged to contribute their skills, knowledge, and resources to the club. This may involve volunteering for club initiatives, sharing expertise in a particular cultural area, or organizing events. Collaboration among members helps create a thriving and dynamic club community.

5. Adherence to Club Policies: Members are expected to abide by the club’s rules, regulations, and code of conduct. This includes respecting intellectual property rights, maintaining confidentiality when necessary, and behaving in a manner that upholds the club’s reputation and values.

6. Support and Engagement: Members should support and encourage fellow members in their endeavors. This can involve attending and applauding performances, providing feedback and constructive criticism, and offering assistance when needed. Active support and engagement contribute to a positive and nurturing club atmosphere.

7. Membership Dues and Obligations: Members are responsible for fulfilling their financial obligations, such as paying membership dues or fees as required by the club. These funds help sustain the club’s activities and ensure its continued operation.

It’s important to note that the specific duties and responsibilities may vary depending on the club’s bylaws and policies. Members should familiarize themselves with the club’s guidelines and expectations to fulfill their roles effectively.

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