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Asian Club Limited is a nonpolitical, nonprofitable, and charitable service club registered in Hong Kong. We are committed to preserving the Club’s Asian character in our products, services, and facilities. While doing so, we also recognize that as an international club in Asia, we are a mosaic of different nationalities and a melting pot of diverse cultures. We care about the needs of our members and try our best to serve them with our ability.

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Dr. Fakhrul Islam Babu 孫逸仙
Founder, Asian Club Limited

Message from the founder

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Asian Club Limited’s website. As the founder of this esteemed organization, I am humbled and honored to witness its growth and impact on the vibrant community of Hong Kong.

The Asian Club Limited was established with a vision to create a platform that celebrates Asian culture, fosters meaningful connections, and drives positive change. Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for collaboration, innovation, and mutual understanding among individuals, businesses, and communities.

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Responsibilities of a member

As a member of Asian Club Limited Hong Kong, individuals have certain duties and responsibilities to fulfill. These may include:

Active Participation

Members are expected to actively participate in club activities, events, and initiatives…

Cultural Exchange

Members are encouraged to actively engage in cultural exchange within the club…

Respect for Diversity

Members should respect and appreciate the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives of fellow…

Adherence to Club Policies

Members are expected to abide by the club’s rules, regulations, and code of conduct…

Contribution and Collaboration

Members are encouraged to contribute their skills, knowledge, and resources…

Support and Engagement

Members should support and encourage fellow members in their endeavors…

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